More Internet resources for data analysis

Unlike my earlier post about the Internet as a resource, where some of the website resources were more appropriate, at least initially, for small businesses, the websites listed here are geared towards qualitative data analysis of the sort undertaken by social scientists.

Since I last posted this entry, I have done some more research about these qualitative data analysis options.  I have included my findings below.  I should also mention that there is another great set of posts on another blog, Chaos and Noise, about the vagaries of wrangling qualitative data analysis, specifically with a Mac.  Here are my two favorite posts: Qualitative Analysis software for Mac – a brief look, and Another look at Qualitative data analysis for Mac users: Dedoose.  Okay, now for what I’ve found out so far:

  • Atlas.ti:
    • I use a Mac, so to be able to use Atlas.ti, I would need Bootcamp or something similar, as Atlas.ti only runs in a Microsoft Windows operating system.  According to the Atlas.ti website, Atlas.ti will also work on the Mac if you run something called Parallels or VMWare Fusion.  I have heard of Bootcamp, but not the other two options (I am fairly computer illiterate, though).
    • Bootcamp:
    • Parallels:
    • VMWare Fusion:
  • Ethnograph 6.0:
    • This website is the least user-friendly.  You can download the demo, but it is not clear what the system requirements are, not is it clear how much it costs (is it internet-based?  is it software that you install?)
    • The system looks similar to Dedoose, but far less flexible and maybe less powerful?  I’m not sure it’s worth finding out.
  • Dedoose:
    • Dedoose is internet based, though you can download a desktop app.
    • You can use Dedoose for 1 month free, on a trial basis.  After that, it costs $12.95/month for one user, or $10.95/month for two or more users.
    • The website includes some really helpful how-to videos:
    • Overall, this seems like good option.  It is not expensive.  However, it is geared very much towards mixed-methods data (qualitative + quantitative) and is very good at correlating and highlighting relationships among different these different kinds of data.
    • Careful, though, you’ll need to have your data in .docx or .txt format.  The system will upload some .xlsx data, but only in a specific context (this makes more sense once you get into the system).
  • HyperRESEARCH:
    • Good news!  This works on Mac and Windows.  It looks like the developers might also be interested in compatibility with Linux.
    • You can download a trial version with no time limit.  However, you can only input 75 codes and 7 cases (I’m not sure what they mean by “case.”)
    • The website is the most helpful and upfront of all the ones I have looked at – they have a whole tab dedicated to the file extensions (.txt, .doc, etc) that are compatible with HyperRESEARCH.
    • It is expensive, however, to purchase, at $199.00.  The upgrade is another $99.00 (I’m not sure if this is necessary).
  • MAXQDA: The Art of Data Analysis:
    • The price of the student license is $99.00, which is a little pricey for me.
    • Also, like Atlas.ti and NVivo, this software needs a Windows platform.
  • NVivo:
    • Again, NVivo, like Atlas.ti and MAXQDA, will only run on Microsoft Windows platforms.
    • The price of a student license is $215.00.  The price for a semester license (for full-time students) is $145.00.  Way too pricey for me.
  • TAMS Analyzer for Mac OS X: / On Facebook:
    • I tried to download this software, but ran into problems right away, as my computer will only run programs downloaded from recognized developers (I don’t really understand what this means, so I need some more time to figure out how to change my security settings – I think – again, I refer back to my computer illiteracy 0.o)


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